Kamil Lizak

Brand Creator

Who am I?

Ever since I can remember, all my creative activities were my favorite. Starting from pre-school building chestnuts-monster, through school activities like a art, technique, chemistry, physics, electronics, computer science, designing everything, programming for end. I’m passionate about new technologies and the possibilities they bring with. I love the taste of risk, that’s why bungee jumping, skiing, extreme rollercoasters, speed – it’s something that allows me to catch my breath, break away from everyday life. I grew up in a very picturesque area, where only the eye could see a lot of greenery, beautiful panorama, nature. Therefore, whenever I have the opportunity, I am leaving the city to charge the batteries. My other passion has always been motoring. Exhaust, gasoline, smell of grease, burnt tire, and this aesthetic side, i.e. beautiful line, harmonious stylistics, form. I am the proud owner of Ferarri Testarossa from 1984 – unfortunately, only in 1:18 scale.


This is the field of creation that gives the most satisfaction. When I see projects from years ago that are still used and still arouse admiration and recognition, when the logotype designed 5 years ago still generates a lot of positive feedback – it’s the best payment for the designer.


I proved myself so many times, that the creative process is my favorite. Creation of the product, through concept and sale at the end – this is my thing.


I have been consistently building websites, stores and advanced systems for over 6 years. Sometimes, in the case of a very extensive project, I have to create a team of programmers responsible for particular fields.Thats the way I never exceed the declared deadline.


Quite recently, I bought my first professional DSLR. I like to photograph nature, architecture, capture everyday objects in a slightly different perspective.