Price list of the design services

We often receive inquiries from our customers regarding the price level of our project services. To somewhat approximate the minimum price range, we decided to create such a mini-price list. The price of each of the following products (apart from a unique, creative and individual idea of ​​advertising, which largely determines the success of the advertising campaign), includes complete preparation for printing as specified by each of the individual advertising medium specifications. This requires us to be vigilant, experienced and knowledgeable about the composition and all DTP techniques used. Large-format advertising materials, such as billboards or banners, require the use of very good (read: expensive) computers, appropriate software, and additional knowledge of the installation of such media, so that the final product is properly made and the client is not exposed to additional costs or disappointment.

Print prices of individual materials depend on many factors and we calculate each one individually.

Business cards

This is the first contact with the customer. Well-designed and made a business card is “your company image”, which in combination with the relatively low cost of its production provides an excellent tool advertising the company / services – regardless of the entrepreneur’s financial situation.

  • Basic project 150 zł netto
  • 1-25 each change – 10 zł pcs netto


Rollups are different mobile advertising stands, which have many advantages, such as: fast assembly, easy and safe transport, the ability to exchange graphics for another, advertising effectiveness, low weight, durability and resistance to damage.

  • 1 pcs – 300 zł netto
  • 2 pcs – 550 zł netto
  • 3 pcs – 800 zł netto
  • 4 pcs – 1000 zł netto

Poster size A0

It is a commonly used advertising medium measuring 841 × 1189 mm. The main advantage of this format is the relatively high visibility and low cost of production, which is ideal for low-budget campaigns.

  • 1 pcs – 400 zł netto
  • 2 pcs – 750 zł netto
  • 3 pcs – 1100 zł netto
  • 4 pcs – 1450 zł netto

Poster size B1

This is little bit smaller than A0, measuring 707 × 1000 mm. The main advantage of this format is the relatively high visibility and low cost of production, which is ideal for low-budget campaigns.

  • 1 pcs – 375 zł netto
  • 2 pcs – 725 zł netto
  • 3 pcs – 1085 zł netto
  • 4 pcs – 1425 zł netto

Flyer A4, A5, A6 …

Flyer is a relatively cheap form of advertising . Depending on the weight of paper and effort, the unit cost can sometimes be as low as 5 gr / pc. Well designed flyer can sometimes attract more customers than a stationary billboard or big banner.

  • 1 pcs – 150 zł netto
  • 2 pcs – 250 zł netto
  • 3 pcs – 350 zł netto
  • 4 pcs – 450 zł netto

The Wall

Such a rollup in a larger release. Most often used at all kinds of events and fairs. The main advantages of this form of advertising are the large advertising space and short assembly time.

  • 1 pcs – 350 zł netto
  • 2 pcs – 600 zł netto
  • 3 pcs – 850 zł netto
  • 4 pcs – 1000 zł netto

Large-scale advertising

Definitely the most demanding format, and at the same time one of the most effective advertising media. The production of large-format advertising is more than a complicated process, but the effects can be seen from a distance of nearly 500 m.

  • 1-15 m2 – 175 zł/m2 netto
  • 16-50 m2 – 80 zł/m2 netto
  • 51-100 m2 – 65 zł /m2 netto
  • 100-200 m2 – 40 zł /m2 netto


About the fact that customers buy their eyes and nice-packed brick can sell 5 times more expensive, we know not from today. With the right lighting and the magic around the product session, we are able to bring out the natural beauty of every product, which ultimately contributes to guaranteed sales growth.

  • 1-15 photos – 50 zł/ pcs netto
  • 16-50 photos – 40 zł/ pcs netto
  • 51-100 photos – 30 zł/ pcs netto
  • 100-200 photos – 25 zł/ pcs netto

Graphics for social media

Social media has long been no longer just for communication between friends. It is also a great place to sell and advertise. We create graphics tailored to the style of activity of our customers. Adorable, eye-catching, real “Like” magnet

  • 1-15 pcs – 80 zł/ pcs netto
  • 16-50 pcs – 50 zł/ pcs netto
  • 51-100 pcs – 30 zł/ pcs netto
  • 100-200 pcs – 25 zł/ pcs netto

Wrap design

Nowadays, static advertising is not enough. That’s why many companies choose to stick their cars to promote their services and products where there would normally be no chance of sticking to a poster or placing a banner.

  • Design of a passenger car wrapping 600 zł netto
  • Design of the delivery van delivery 500 zł netto
  • Designt of bus sticking 700 zł netto
  • Design of ship wrapping 1700 zł netto
  • Project of the plane wrapping 3700 zł netto
  • Using raster graphics, for example: images are an additional 200-500 zł netto depending on the size of the vehicle.
custom mail signature

Mail signature

A good company takes care of the image in every aspect of customer communication. Email footer is one of the most commonly seen marketing elements. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the encrypted signature is displayed on your recipient’s box. Otherwise, your messages may get spam and eventually lower your business rating.

  • 1-15 pcs – 80 zł/ pcs netto
  • 16-50 pcs – 50 zł/ pcs netto
  • 51-100 pcs – 30 zł/ pcs netto
  • 100-200 pcs – 25 zł/ pcs netto

Motion design

Animated logo, short intro to the movie, statistics for the summary of the year, or full-size animation for training purposes. We make animations using the new technology in the best quality. We will not give you a specific price list here because it could be misleading – each project is priced individually. The price of short animation starts from 500 zł.